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Author Topic: Chicago police (this time) taser 8 month pregnant woman "for a parking offence"  (Read 810 times)


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Not to be outdone by the incident just two weeks ago, the Chicago police have gone one better, two weeks ago police tasered a woman "in the last trimester of her pregnancy", this time the woman was in the last days of her pregnancy (it says "8 months", so I presume she was about to give birth at any time) and they didn't even have the excuse that she "refused to sign the ticket", all she did was "stand by the car and be rude to them".

The superintendent of the Chicago Police Department says that the reason one of his officers used a Taser stun gun on a woman days away from giving birth because “you can’t always tell whether somebody is pregnant.”

At eight-months pregnant, Tiffany Rent says she would think officers would have been aware of her condition before they assaulted and arrested her on Wednesday morning outside a South Side drug store.

"I was standing at the squad car close enough for him to see that I was pregnant," Rent tells the Chicago Tribune.
The department says nothing was wrong with the ways officers acted, though. According to the police report, Rent “attempted to take off” after being ticketed for parking her car in a space reserved for handicap persons outside of a Chicago Walgreens when she was subjected to an electric pulse from a Taser gun. The maximum fine for using a handicap parking space without authorization in Chicago is $350.

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