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Author Topic: The dangers of forcing "9.11" propaganda on 4th grade kids  (Read 2107 times)


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The dangers of forcing "9.11" propaganda on 4th grade kids
« on: September 15, 2012, 08:27:57 am »

I hope the idiot "teacher" told the kids how the laws of physics were suspended for that day in 2001, three years before they were born, and how so many other "miracles" occurred, like the "worst pilot in the world" managing to manoeuvre a plane at an incredible angle that nobody has ever managed before, and how people can fly planes into building resulting in the total disintegration of the plane and all the plane's peripherals, and yet be discovered "alive and kicking" a couple of years later.  Or an airliner managing to fit through a hole barely larger than it's nosecone and then disappear altogether, after skidding across a law and not even leaving any marks behind, and it goes on and on.  Maybe the entire class could have a giant "group laugh" about it.

And if that did not get them sufficiently cynical, the teacher could explain how half the country (or actually far more people at the time) believed all this and were more than willing to "sacrifice their freedoms - or rather other peoples' freedoms - for perceived security" and lie down while the perpetrators of the "9.11" atrocities used the peoples' own money to employ armies of bureaucrats to walk all over them, and sent soldiers to kill a million more people who had nothing at all to do with "9.11".  Then these eight year olds might realise what a horrible society they've been born into.

Yep!  Just another reason, I guess, to make sure your kid goes nowhere near a government school.

Parents of some elementary school students in Texas are furious over a class assignment in which children were asked to draw highly disturbing images depicting the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.
The fourth-grade teacher gave specific instructions to students at Hughey Elementary School in El Paso, Ivie Gremillion, a parent of one of the students, told KFOXTV in El Paso.
“We had to draw the boom cloud, the planes hitting, and people jumping out of the windows,” Gremillion's daughter told her after the assignment was given out on Monday.

The lesson, however, did not stop there, Gremillion said.
"The Afghans did this because they hate all of us and want to kill all of us,'" Gremillion claims the teacher told her daughter.


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