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Author Topic: Judge bans the "T word" in "9.11" hearing  (Read 1839 times)


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Judge bans the "T word" in "9.11" hearing
« on: October 18, 2012, 08:18:01 am »

Someone said to me yesterday:  "You know the scene in the "left behind" movie where the antichrist kills the two men at the UN meeting, then tells everyone in the room a bizarre story about one of the men grabbing the gun from the security guard and killing the other man, then turning the gun on himself, he then says 'so sad' and everyone not only believes the story but relates it to others passionately, well this reminds me of the world being told the 'official story' of 9.11.  It is totally absurd but believed just like it is fact, in just the same way".

I looked this up on "Youtube" and had to agree, it really is just the same.

As for this "hearing" and the "T word" (torture), this is just another absurdity.  An absurdity that anyone could actually believe that these men had anything, whatsoever, to do with '9.11".

It didn't take long for the word "torture" to rear its ugly head in the September 11th terrorism case, as pre-trial hearings began today with a slew of procedural issues. Though the question of whether the five accused men have to actually show up in court every day wouldn't seem all that exciting or controversial, as soon as one of the defense lawyers started to say his client was traumatized by having been tortured at the hands of his U.S. interrogators, the judge shut him up.

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