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Author Topic: A welcome from Elias.  (Read 15555 times)


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A welcome from Elias.
« on: April 15, 2009, 06:26:28 am »

The following is excerpted from a post to a new member made by Elias. It has been left as is, but sounded like a good welcoming post considering the diversity of people joining this forum.

I and many others here share your concerns about the demise of America. However, you will encounter here a wide range of opinions about many different topics, and some of them, I'm presuming, may cause you to think that some of us here are not "getting it". But you'll find that there is a very well-honed intelligence here at TMM, contributed to by Christians, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, "leftists" and "rightists", hesitant Democrats/liberals, bashful Republicans/conservatives, free-thinkers, Constitutionalists, min-archists, anarchists, libertarians, tax-honesty people, oath-keepers from the military and law enforcement, Native Americans, a few foreign citizens, and some who are just interested individuals of many sorts. (Did I leave anyone out? - oh, yes - and there may be lurking or active agents provocateur or other representatives of the Federal Power.)

So what you'll find here is a mix of various perspectives on just about any topic. We here at TMM welcome diverse thought, dissenting ideas, alternate concepts, historic facts, analysis, opinions (when they can be backed-up with convincing arguments and facts), "beliefs", etc. I would hope that all voices, including yours, are welcome here.

Looking forward to more discourse with you,
We've built a world safe for fools, and are overrun by them.
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