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Author Topic: Police shoot toothless 16 year old dog during no-knock raid  (Read 2767 times)


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Police shoot toothless 16 year old dog during no-knock raid
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:48:11 pm »

RABUN, AL — A family feels violated after their home was subject to an unannounced, no-knock raid and their gentle family dog was shot by a deputy.

 The all too familiar scenario played out in Alabama as it has thousands of other times throughout the country.   Deputies intruded into a family residence with no knock, no announcement, and no permission.  The family pet, curious and scared, approached the unwelcome strangers to investigate.  The family pet was shot, and deputies’ justified their shoot with claims that the family disputes.


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Re: Police shoot toothless 16 year old dog during no-knock raid
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2014, 11:58:58 am »

Well, don't they demand integrity and bravery as part of a deputy or "officer's" characteristics?  Doesn't the timidity and fearful nature of a mouse and lying about it in court abdicate both of those values?  I mean, seriously, if you can't handle a dog as a grown man, you're a pussy.  Period.  That's what we called guys who were cowardly when we were in school.  No offense to you ladies and the quaint of heart, but that's the term we used.  The more falsely (to my own eyes) uber Christian "thought policey" types would say "sissy" instead.  But you get the idea.

Seriously, scared of a dog?  Really?  Only thing I fear from a dog is disease, and blasting it with a weapon and getting its blood all over you is MORE likely to get you sick than just kicking him aside or yelliing at him.

On the other hand, dogs abide natural laws only.  Not bullshit politically motivated "legislation."  So a dog will righteously attack intruders because that's what they are, and that is what natural law people should do to intruders.  Destroy them.  Outright.

Anyways, these cops are never very effective in real combat situations with real enemies really intending them harm.  They're good at murdering paraplegic grandmas and the like, but so far, every story when an old vietnam vet with agent orange picks up a .38 special, they end up with dead cops and a standoff.  So these men are not selected based on bravery and integrity, and most assuredly not based on intelligence.  They appear selected mostly based on their animal cunning and capacity obedience to their masters, and their ability to inflict maximum cruelty and evil while doing so.
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