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Author Topic: Illuminated Manuscript (with small pictures hosted offsite)  (Read 2409 times)


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Illuminated Manuscript (with small pictures hosted offsite)
« on: December 08, 2013, 09:21:59 pm »

This is the book. It's a leather bound book, with hand made paper. The Leather is embossed with a tree of life design and Celtic knots. I plan to fill it with the secrets of my craft (bladesmithing) written in metaphor, poetry, and prose.

This is the title page. Although so-called, the book doesn't actually have a title. The sentence there says "Draw forth the sword from the stone mold." in Irish, and shows the stone mold for an early Celtic bronze sword. The three symbols below it represent the year, the Awen, and the world in that order from left to right.

Here, I created a template drawing of Kernunos, Celtic God of Nature. His human form and deer antlers likely represent the symbiotic relationship of man with Nature. He is often accompanied by a horned snake representing both fertility and reincarnation. In the Illumination below, the snake appears with Him. The two torcs on his arm represent prosperity. In hard times, torcs were cut up and used as money. So having 2 or more was a symbol of good times.

I've written and decorated 3 more pages, added a bookmark and some bead and feather work.
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