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Author Topic: My Local Police Department Gets Tasers  (Read 2313 times)


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My Local Police Department Gets Tasers
« on: February 23, 2005, 10:29:42 pm »

... of the local paper. It showed them conducting some kind of training session which seemed to mostly involve shocking each other with the little portable electrocutors. They may find that entertaining, but what about someone with an undiagnosed heart condition, or a pacemaker?

 I find this very ominous and disturbing. In the news story one of the city cops said something about how the Tasers would allow them to handcuff someone who was "not complying" and not doing what they told him, whatever that might be. Usually something like "Get down and grovel face down in the dirt!" I imagine.

 It's gotten so anymore that if you just ignore the cops and walk on when they start yelling a bunch of incomprehensible and contradictory gibberish and profanities at you, or if you just don't "comply" quite as instantaneously as they think you should, or if you "argue" with them or contradict anything they say, they call that "resisting," and don't hesitate to pepper spray, Taser, bludgeon, or choke you.

  It doesn't seem to matter if the person on the wrong end of this treatment couldn't hear or understand them, due to deafness or a language barrier, or mental retardation, or just because they've got their attention focused on something else.

 They seem to *really* like these Tasers and pepper spray because they're classified as being *less*-lethal, which the cops interpret as *non*-lethal and even harmless, so they just feel free to zap little kids, old blind ladies, paraplegics in wheelchairs, etc.

 It would be pointless, or worse, to write a letter to the editor of the local paper about this. Chances are they wouldn't print it, as the local paper practically never prints anything critical of the police or of local government. And the paper's stated policy is that it WILL NOT print anonymous letters. So If it *did* get printed it might invite retaliation.

 The city police department here has approximately forty (40) full-time officers. That seems like a lot for a town with an official population of about ten thousand. The paper said they were going to get thirteen Tasers, enough for issue to everyone on all three shifts. This is the county seat and the sheriff's office and county jail are here too, but I don't know how many personnel the sheriff's department has.

 I have a bad feeling about this. :ph34r:  :unsure:  :ph34r:

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