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Author Topic: Former CIA dep. director: We will see another 9.11 style attack - threat?  (Read 2235 times)


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Is he saying:  "Give the CIA and the other PTB lots of money or we will launch another "false flag" attack on you?  He says "if we don't keep up the pressure ..", but this all depends if you believe that "the pressure" is something that is needed, or merely created to serve an end, and is really unjustified.

Monday on “CBS This Morning,” former CIA deputy director Michael Morell said if we don’t keep the pressure on ISIS and Al Qaeda “we are going to see another 9/11 style attack.”

In responding to comment yesterday by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson who said a lone-wolf terrorist could “strike at any moment,”  Morell said, “I think what the administration is trying to do is trying to set expectations for the American people. They’re basically saying there’s going to be another attack and we need to understand that when it happens.”



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He says "if we don't keep up the pressure ..",

The "pressure" being brought to bear is a great part of the reason for the attacks, real and arranged. There is no legitimate justification for any of it, of course. And the criminals in DC are quite capable of any number of false flags. Not that it makes a difference to the victims, actually. Dead is dead.
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Pressure is the bureaucrat will to survive. The threat is subordinate to - whatever keeps the budget up and running. 
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