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Author Topic: Family home raided, dog killed, coz "family didn't pay utility bill"  (Read 1818 times)


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This is incredibly disheartening.  The excuse of they needed “to check if her home had electricity and natural gas service" is not very believable.  Surely that is a civil matter, and a quick glance at an outside meter would have told them whether or not the family had these utilities operating.  There is something decidedly strange here.

I sometimes wonder how the police in general would react if a group of armed citizens broke into their homes randomly and killed their pets, yelling obscenities at the family.  I guess we all know what would happen, the entire city or area would be on "lockdown" while police arrested these "terrorists" and "jumpy" police would go round killing people and dogs at random.

St. Louis, MO — Nothing says Police State USA quite like a SWAT team raiding a family home and killing their dog because they are unable to pay their natural gas bill.

The woman whose dog was killed and home destroyed by SWAT officers is Angela Zorich, and her story about her police state experience will shock the conscious.

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