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Author Topic: Paramilitary thugs: SWAT blows up house in pursuit of SUSPECTED SHOPLIFTER!  (Read 1739 times)


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This is unbelievable (go to link for the pictures).  He wasn't even a shoplifter, just a SUSPECTED shoplifter.  However, now:  "But the chief shrugged off the criticism, he recalled.

Although insurance was expected to pay for most of the structural damage, he said that his son did not have a rental insurance policy to cover belongings.

“There was an engagement ring in there that would have been John’s great-great grandmother’s. It survived two World Wars, OK, but it didn’t survive the American police paramilitary operation.”

Colorado man accused police in Greenwood Village of being “paramilitary thugs” after they blew up his home while trying to catch a gun-toting (SUSPECTED) shoplifter who had decided to hide out there.


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Answer to enemies and shoplifters on property... buy outside of town, even if "just outside" of town.

I'm waiting to see when someone sets up some Malaysian Tiger Pits.  Complete with shit smeared punji stakes.  If that doesn't dissuade trespassers after they lose a few... nothing will.

I imagine some eccentric already has, just that they haven't targeted him because he doesn't appear easily palatable to tyranny worshipers.

An old eastern european saying comes to mind: "Better they think you crazy, than a pushover."  With tyranny worshipers, that's entirely true.  You never see them go after someone truly dangerous.  At best they go after someone they can kill and demonize for their 15 minutes of hate on nightly news fear mongering.
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