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Author Topic: Welcome To FIJA's Offsite Forum At TMM  (Read 6829 times)

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Welcome To FIJA's Offsite Forum At TMM
« on: March 27, 2009, 11:59:55 am »

The Fully Informed Jury Association is also the American Jury Institute. FIJA/AJI's home site is here:

There is a wealth of information about the proper place and activity of the Jury system of justice within Constitutional parameters at FIJA's site, and you are encouraged to visit FIJA online at their home-site. FIJA's website is packed with good information and views on the very important subject of, and definitions of, a "fully-informed jury". FIJA is one of the most pro-active champions of liberty and personal freedom existing in America today, and presents a vision of personal involvement in the re-establishing of "justice" in the Justice system.

After discussing this idea with the national executive director of FIJA, it has been agreed to create here at TMM a secondary Forum devoted to the issues brought forward by FIJA. Our hope is that by having this new FIJA Forum here at TMM we can help generate more exposure for FIJA's website and for the powerful message of fully-informed jurors/juries.

FIJA/AJI contact info:

American Jury Institute / Fully Informed Jury Association

Post Office Box 5570

Helena, Montana, 59604-5570



Also, Iloilo Jones is editor of an excellent quarterly publication to which many here already subscribe:

The American Juror (published quarterly; $30 annual subscription; editor Iloilo M. Jones)

Post Office Box 5570

Helena, MT 59604-5570

send e-mail to:


Give FIJA's site some clicks, and discuss here your take on the work and message of this great American organization.

In closing, I think it is alright to announce to our many new members here that one of FIJA's co-founders is a long-time member here at TMM. He is the "fully-informed gentleman" we affectionately know as "Basil Fishbone". TMM salutes Basil Fishbone for his vision, many years ago, of the legal powers of a fully-informed jury, and for all the work he has done through the years to ensure that Americans have the opportunity to discover long-suppressed information regarding juries and jurors.

Also registered as a member here is feralfae. Feralfae is the "go-to" person here at TMM for any and all questions about FIJA and FIJA's activities.

Basil Fishbone and feralfae are always happy to answer anyone's questions about FIJA, jury-duty, voir dire, jury-nullification, and any other features of jury-related knowledge.

Welcome to FIJA's Forum at TMM. Help spread the word....


Edited to correct subscription price....
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