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Author Topic: Something to think about...  (Read 2787 times)

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Something to think about...
« on: February 08, 2016, 04:44:28 pm »

Here's something to think about when selecting seeds for your bug out garden: root depth.

Plants of the same species may have different root depths based on variety. Seed companies don't list this feature in the catalog, so you will have to investigate this property yourself. Root depth plays an important role in how a plant takes up water and nutrients. In the top 3 inches of soil, there is the most water soluble phosphorus. So a shallowly rooted plant takes in more of it. Deep rooted plants take up more water, but little phosphorus. A plant with roots in the middle range will take up both sufficiently. If you live in drylands (desert, prairie, southern Rockies), you may want to opt for the addition of Michorizae spores when planting a medium rooted plant. It will increase drought tolerance.

Why is this important? Because after TSHTF, you won't be able to just go down to the hardware store and pick up a bag of NPK. And you may have to go without irrigation systems until you get something built.

You can get seeds bred for low soil quality from Purdue University. Since they were produced for growing in India, YMMV.
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