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Author Topic: High Desert Barbecue  (Read 1036 times)

S. Jester

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High Desert Barbecue
« on: June 11, 2016, 03:46:09 pm »

Just finished this book last night. A pretty fast read.

A story of what happens after a Forest Service burned out a man's cabin without any warning or notice. Especially if those Forest Service are not only Tree Huggers but, as some characters in the book liked to say "a bunch of Tree F*ckers". Believing that People should not be in the area, especially not the local "city".

I don't know what the author was going for. He's clearly anti-authoritarian, very distrustful of government types. On one hand it's an action-adventure(which is kind of is), part political discourse but not too clearly or of substance in the book. I think the writer was trying for a comedic approach but lacks all that much ability to really get it. You will get a chuckle or three out of it. The main conflict was resolved but not the long term one, which in real life is unfortunately realistic as things stand.

You won't be missing anything by not reading the book. I've found it to be a light read, somewhat fast. It's an OK book but I think there are books out there that are better worth of your time.  If you do decide to read the book anyway, get the cheaper kindle copy like I did.


Edit: I almost forgot. When I was in the middle of the book(basically) I was starting to think the story was "The Keysone Kops becomes the Forest services, with a touch of sex thrown in."
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