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Author Topic: if a commerical airliner landed on runway on China's Fiery Cross Reef  (Read 3756 times)

byron mc

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Let's have a theoretical discussion about this.

If a commercial airliner with civilians from USA, Phillipines, Vietnam, Russia, India landed on the runway on China's Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands.
[runway current length of approximately 3,125 meters.]
China had 2 of their own commercial airliners land there in the past couple of years for news PR. I'm talking about a rogue commercial pilot doing this for political reasons claiming they needed an emergency landing and just did it without choosing another airstrip.
[the superjumbo Airbus A380ís runway requirement is 2,950 meters, or just under 10,000 feet.]

Sure China would warn them off via radio first.
from today:

Would this spark a war with the country the plane came from or who owned the plane?


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I doubt it.  Passengers may be questioned and held for a time but would eventually be released.  China likes to talk big but going to war over some plane that had an emergency and landed on the airstrip?  Not likely.
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