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Author Topic: House democrats plan spying, surveillance of motorists, extortion, call it "tax"  (Read 3565 times)


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This is really scary.  We had "fuss" about a similar system here about 15 or 20 years ago, I got hold of a "paper" put out by the transport department, through the OIA, which talked of all these measures, putting transponders in cars and having "readers" every few miles on the side of most major roads, then putting "kill switches" in the cars of people who were suspected of crimes and having them controlled by the government.  Turned out - after a lot of publicity and public discussion - that it was all just "wishful thinking" and the government not only would never have enough money to do something like that but, at the time, the technology hadn't been perfected yet.

I have remembered it though, and as time goes by these things could change and the will to have this control is obviously still there.  And there are even more dishonest people "in charge" of these things today.  Also we have the world's dumbest woman for a PM.  She'd probably look at a proposal and gush over it like a child would and say something like "oh, cool, we must have that".

However, this is about America, and it looks like just one more price to pay for democrats having a majority in the house.

Democrats have an idea to make bumper-to-bumper traffic worse; tax drivers more when they’re sitting in traffic.

Incoming House Transportation Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) is planning to propose a new tax that would penalize drivers by taxing them at a higher rate when they experience traffic.


To be clear, DeFazio isn’t talking about creating new toll lanes or raising toll prices to reduce highway congestion. He is instead talking about installing a tracking system in your car that would monitor your vehicle’s movement and location at every moment, transmit this information to federal agencies, and then tax you based upon how busy traffic is when you’re driving.

Such a form of congestion pricing is a deeply regressive form of taxation that would be exponentially more detrimental to the working poor who spend a higher percentage of their income commuting to work. DeFazio’s traffic tax would also disproportionally tax suburban and rural drivers who use highways more frequently and commute further to work than individuals in urban areas.



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Thankfully I work in a small-sized city so traffic is minimal.  Maybe 5 minutes of 'traffic' on the worst day.  Thankfully I rarely come into town on Saturdays.  Plus, I'm able to telecommute if I want so I could completely avoid traffic.

I'm not holding my breath that the sheeple will wake up to the insanity that they have voted in.  Then again, I imagine many of the D voters don't work.
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They have been using something like this with big rig trucking for years.

maybe not for taxing, but for tracking.

next time your on a interstate, look for the poles with a white box hanging over head.

now that I think about it, they do use something like this in big cities on the toll roads.
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    FED-EX   &    UPS   had   a   rig   like   this   years   ago...../    they   are   probably   10-x   more   advanced   now...
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