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Author Topic: Second woman carrying gene-edited baby, Chinese "authorities" confirm  (Read 3448 times)


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I'll put this here, it doesn't really fit anywhere else.  There have been earlier articles, but this is the latest.

Note:  "Police to investigate He Jiankui after last year’s claim to have altered the DNA of twin girls", but look what they're "investigating" him for;  "Investigators told Xinhua the scientist was “pursuing personal fame” (and not giving the credit to the government???)

And they seriously expect us to believe that this has happened in a "vacuum", that there are no "government scientists" using "government money" to do the same thing and this is not all about being "beaten to the goalpost" by someone who was "successful" using private money.

A second woman became pregnant during the experiment to create the world’s first genetically edited babies, Chinese authorities have confirmed, as the researcher behind the claim faces a police investigation.
He Jiankui shocked the scientific community last year after announcing he had successfully altered the genes of twin girls born in November to prevent them contracting HIV.
He had told a human genome forum in Hong Kong there had been “another potential pregnancy” involving a second couple.




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Re: Second woman carrying gene-edited baby, Chinese "authorities" confirm
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2019, 07:45:01 pm »

good grief.  all those science fiction authors were right all along.
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