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Author Topic: TX physical address - no mailbox and difficult to get to  (Read 11966 times)

byron mc

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TX physical address - no mailbox and difficult to get to
« on: March 28, 2019, 08:48:25 am »

This is an idea for a TX address but no mail and also very difficult to get to while being in continental USA.

Another resident doesn’t have a mailbox because the mail never comes, and burns his trash because the refuse collector never shows up.”
“an odd swath of Brownsville, Tex., that runs between the border wall and the Rio Grande — a netherworld that is officially still America but which somehow got left on the Mexican side of the wall.
the fence that elsewhere would trace the southern edge of the United States can run, as it does in Mr. Veloz’s neighborhood, more than a mile north of the river.
Residents, property owners and ranch hands in South Texas gain access through dozens of openings and gates, in many cases by punching in secret access codes on a keypad. One household south of the fence in Brownsville put its mailbox on the north side, presumably to make life easier for the letter carrier.
That has created an oddly isolated zone of homes, ranchland, industrial sites and nature preserves that locals call a no man’s land, between the barrier and the border — a place that dozens of Texans call home.
Surveiled though:
Cameras are mounted high atop the fence, many of them aimed at the openings and gates, and residents have long grown accustomed to being photographed and filmed as they travel to and from their homes.
The pace is slow, the property cheap: Mr. Veloz rents his house for $350 a month.
And in Donna, TX 50 miles north another buffer-zone community
though he conceded that he has no mail service, no landline telephone and no cable television.
Maybe rent a room, or a closet in a house? prepaid for a year or two.
Good location for a private address? 
Legitimate for US Mail but To never receive mail if not wanting to be found. Good luck skip tracer and private investigators...thank you US Border and Customs.
NY Times article
South of the Wall, North of the Border: Life in Texas’ No Man’s Land

Let's not make this a political discussion about a border wall/fence but only as an option for a legitimate physical address with no mailbox and difficult to locate.


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Re: TX physical address - no mailbox and difficult to get to
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2019, 09:50:24 pm »

I don't quite understand what you are getting at.  The area in question is in the U.S. and any address is just that, an address, and can be found whether it's for real or a closet in a house.

RVers from everywhere register a physical address in South Dakota but they aren't tied to the address.

It used to be you could rent a mailbox in a private business which would give you a street address.

There used to be mail forwarding services which would also give you a street address but I don't know what's going on with that.
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