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Author Topic: Watched the 1st democrat debate, if this lunacy is what there is, fun to watch  (Read 253 times)


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I don't believe it, I watched the fist debate with the democrat candidates, and I could swear I heard Democrat candidate Julian Castro say he wants taxpayer funded transgender abortion.  When there was no reaction to that I thought I must have got it wrong and that is not really what he actually said so I played it again several times and sure enough that's exactly what he said.  Then Bill de Blasio said that he wanted a 70% tax rate and "there is plenty of money (in the country) it is just in the wrong hands", then Elizabeth Warren says she wants to cancel all private health insurance.  So I went to the Greg Gutfeld show to get "the five's" take on it, and there's Juan Williams singing the praises of Julian Castro and the rest of them are taking it all perfectly seriously.

I wouldn't have been surprised if some of them had said that their policy was to have taxpayer funded livery stables in every second street for unicorns being ridden by leprechauns, I mean it's no more unrealistic than the policy that trans-females shouldn't have to pay for their own abortions, that would be racist!  And the lack of reaction to this "idiocracy", well I guess you are all familiar with the story of the "emperor's new clothes". 

I just came across the headline "Julian Castro deserves good look after strong performance in 1st debate" - really.  A quick read, not a word about "free abortions for men"
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