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Author Topic: 81% of "suspects" flagged by UK police face recognition are innocent  (Read 2390 times)


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So this is UK, but I guess it is the same everywhere this system is used.

According to a recent report, approximately four out of five people identified by the London Metropolitan Police’s facial recognition system as possible suspects are totally innocent.
A recent report by Sky News has revealed that approximately four out of five people identified by the U.K.’s Metropolitan Police force’s as possible suspects are innocent. Researchers discovered that the system has an 81 percent inaccuracy rate which means that the vast majority of people flagged by the system are not on any wanted lists. The report states that this raises “significant concerns” about Scotland Yard’s use of the technology.
The report concludes that it is “highly possible” that the Met’s usage of the system would be found unlawful if challenged in court due to a number of technical, operational and legal issues. The Live Facial Recognition (LFR) system has been utilized since August 2016 by the Met to monitor crowds, testing the system first at Notting Hill Carnival.

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