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Author Topic: Fast Company: Silicon Valley is building a communist style social credit system  (Read 3176 times)


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OK, it's easy to say "stay away from facebook", but if you want to read about something quite often you are referred to "my page on facebook", a lot of companies will only communicate via facebook or allow you to enter competitions via facebook and most of my family is obsessed with facebook (I just cannot persuade them to be wary).  And my daughter, my son and my ex daughter in law regularly post pictures of my grandchildren on facebook and just refuse to delete them (not that deleting the pictures would make any difference) and I had a lot of trouble a while ago with my ex daughter in law opening facebook accounts for each of the children (despite the fact that the rules state that someone has to be at least -I think - 15 to have their own account, that's definitely a rule that is not adhered to), and after a lot of problems I managed to delete the accounts.

Anyway, how long until there will be A LOT of things that we just can't do without a facebook account?  Now there is this:

This may sound alien and Orwellian, but as Fast Company notes, Silicon Valley is bringing a version of this grim reality to America.
Via Fast Company:
Many Westerners are disturbed by what they read about China’s social credit system. But such systems, it turns out, are not unique to China. A parallel system is developing in the United States, in part as the result of Silicon Valley and technology-industry user policies, and in part by surveillance of social media activity by private companies.
The articles goes on to note a range of ways in which western citizens are being systematically rated, and in some cases excluded, by corporate America. These include insurance companies scanning the social media feeds of applicants, an app called “PatronScan,” that logs the face and name of troublesome bar and restaurant clientele, and the growing tendency of services like Airbnb, Uber, and WhatsApp to ban users for arbitrary reasons.


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