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Author Topic: Chinese cits will have to pass a face recognition test to use internet, mobile  (Read 3722 times)


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The control-freak state ….

Chinese citizens must pass a facial-recognition test to use the internet as part of Beijing's social credit system
Citizens in China must have their faces scanned to have the internet installed
The rule is part of China's social credit system and will take effect on Dec. 1
Authority claimed the move could help improve the nation's internet security
China has been building the world's most powerful facial-recognition system
The nation is due to be equipped with 626 million CCTV cameras by 2020

China has stepped up its internet censorship by demanding its citizens pass a facial-recognition test to be able to use web services.

China is taking every measure it can to verify the identities of its over 850 million mobile internet users.
From Dec. 1, people applying for new mobile and data services will have to have their faces scanned by telecom providers, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a Sept. 27 statement.

MIIT said the step was part of its efforts to “safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in the cyberspace” and to control phone and internet fraud. In addition to the facial-recognition test, phone users are also banned from passing their mobile phone numbers to others, and encouraged to check if numbers are registered under their name without their consent.



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shades   of    1984.....   Orwell   would   be   pleased....

Byte Me

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Yes, Orwell had the basic jist of it.  His worst imaginings can't hold a candle to the reality of what we'll soon be subjected to.  The tech is so beyond what he envisioned possible.
They'll vote themselves free at about the same time they spend themselves rich. - MamaLiberty
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