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Author Topic: Ted Cruz: MSM are rooting for this pandemic to be worse and worse  (Read 1921 times)


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OK, so the MSM is saying "Gee I hate Trump so much that I will go into raptures of delight if my whole family perishes before my eyes, everything collapses around me and my house burns down, so long as it hurts him" (or as before (they're travelling on a plane) "I hate our pilot so much, I hope he crashes the plane").  These people are truly sick.

According to the Texas Republican U.S. Senator, the mainstream media were rooting for “disaster,” given they believe it would be a mark against President Donald Trump.

Cruz cited an example of a tweet from The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, who he challenged days earlier for questioning Trump’s remarks about unemployment at the State of the Union address last month.

“[Y]ou see the media — much of the mainstream media was trying to root for disaster,” Cruz said. “They’re rooting for this pandemic to be worse and worse. And you saw The Washington Post self-proclaimed fact-checker was cheering about a line from the State of the Union where the President said we had the lowest unemployment in 50 years. And The Washington Post was saying, ‘Well, that didn’t stand up well to the test of time.'”


And here's another one:

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats ‘Salivating’ over Coronavirus as Opportunity to ‘Decapitate’ U.S. Economy

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh warned Americans Thursday during his broadcast of the Democrats’ attempt to use the crisis of the coronavirus as a means to “decapitate the U.S. capitalist economy”

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