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Author Topic: Lawyer X and the Police  (Read 1379 times)


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Lawyer X and the Police
« on: May 01, 2005, 12:30:22 pm »

This, Lawyer X wouldn't be of Counterfeit Library/shadowcrew fame would it?  I always enjoyed the ghostly lawyer there.  

It is unfortunate however, being young or old, the police can and will get you to spend at least a night in jail unless you answer most questions.  Fingerprinting/mugshot is now standard for "crimes" that used to be a ticket.  The police can simply be bored and start asking you questions.  The real question is when and where you can or should engage an officer in any "discussion".  Avoid them at all costs or you might find yourself interfering with an investigation or police business.  Always demand a warrant for any search of your auto as well, it tends to make them think and if they are wrong you have some recourse.  Remember, to a cop everyone is drunk or on meth as well when you engage them with words.  Best advice, give a name and shut up other than to ask whether or not the questions are relevant to the investigation and to refuse to give your SSN.   If you give in like a nice innocent citizen and let them search your car or anything else, they will search everything, read your journals, and put you through hell until they have exausted everything but stripping your car down, and sometimes they will do that.  This happens to innocent people every day, and it has happened to me.

Peace and Good Day

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