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Author Topic: OFFICAL ANNOUNCEMENT: GWC II IS A GO  (Read 18981 times)

Elias Alias

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« Reply #45 on: March 09, 2004, 11:28:07 am »

Zoot spake: Ah Elias*grinning* Your cut,copy, and paste job struck through to my very soul.
And yes I believe that that's just the ticket needed to get a project going.......
Elias replies: Yeah, those quips carry much meaning. I think you and I see eye to eye.
Zoot: There's also been mention of allying with a few western Canadian provinces that have been getting sucked dry by their socialist government as well.
Elias: Dude, such talk shall surely have Brzezinski's panties all in a wad!
Zoot: Given this I'd say that the door to that international border is about two shades short of being wide open for both travel and trade outside of the current system, and certainly any new nation does need trading partners as soon as it's feet hit the ground.
Elias: Agreed.  
Zoot: A international "back door" in and out through 600 miles of nothing serves multiple other purposes as well.....which I need not discuss, particularly in a "worst case" scenario.
Elias: That fact itself played a large role in my moving to Montana instead of Wyoming when I fled to the west. Montana has a border with Alberta. Were Alberta to secede with the Free West Alliance, the celebration of liberty would be quite festive. All of that would not be necessary, or course, if those people running government both in Canada and the U.S. would take pause and reflect upon the fact that their very offices have grown too powerful and oppressive upon the people. But since Fedgov's Slavethink mentality makes no provisions for questioning one's thoughts, deeds, and actions, it appears that the peoples at large in both countries may seek alternative solutions, including secession. I want to note that the FWA has not published any intent regarding secession, nor has Alberta; that this is simply some exercising of thought in search of solutions to what's now an imminently pressing problem for Americans and Canadians alike. The New World Order owns both governments and is using them to gain the final control over North American populations. That is beyond debate. It does mean that the time to consider our options is upon us now, in the present. I have mentioned to some people in the FWA that secession would be a great drawing-card on which to unify the populations of the involved western states. Instantly getting out from under Fedgov's oppressive thumb will sound wonderful to most people I know in Montana. There is a LOT of hatred and resentment against the Federal government in Montana. I'm guessing the same conditions exist as well in Wyoming and Idaho. Wish such mentality existed all over America, lol! *Then* we would not need to talk of such things. But we lost that in 1913, and we reaffirmed that loss in 1929, and again in 1941, and again in 1947, and again in 1963 when we let Fedgov assassinate JFK without our rising up and storming our Capitol. The Warren Commission report should have been the start of a new American Revolution. Now it's too late. Fedgov's entire mechanism is aligned against the dissent of the knowing minority in our numbers, and everything we might use to regain our power and control over our own damned government is now under tight government control. Hence chit chat such as this, eh?  
Zoot: I have this feeling that the western project is deliberately not focusing on one state but instead on three so as to maximize this succession, and in turn both real estate, and natural resources as well.....any new nation must be self supporting when it's feet hit the ground.......
Elias: Ya reckon we could sell the slaves who remain behind in the slave-states cheap fairs on ski-lifts? Charge 'em for elk tags and such? lol!  The regions contained within the Free West Alliance, including British Columbia and Alberta as well as Indian nations who may wish to go with us, would be a natural wealth upon which to base a new free market economy, imo. Only one problem: the FWA has not published anything about secession. I've suggested the idea to 'em, and it's being looked at. But there has been no agreement reached about the subject, and there may not be. It's more like a pleasant dream-wish for myself, which I talk about openly in hopes of finding others who like the ring of the notion. Still,  the Free West Alliance is peopled with avid libertarians who have no use for Federalism in these lands. Goodness only knows what all they might think up, lol! First state, or group of states, which says to Fedgov "Hey! We just want OUT!", will have my devotion.  
Zoot: And last but not least, one must consider the age of each area, and that it wasn't that long ago  that people were leaving such places as the eastern and midwestern states to get away from it's settled in culture and cliques and going to such places as Montana and Wyoming, so they could live their lives as they saw fit..........not that long ago at some cases within the last four generations.......People don't become domesticated overnight, they become domesticated over the span of multiple generations, only through comfort and a sense of security in their present surroundings do they become tame, docile, and complacent.
Elias: Yup. You could call it social inertia or something. Makes me want to go back to Rageboy's site and read up on Entropy Gradient Reversals. lol! The domestication of domiciles is the specialty of Feducation, growing ever more extensively around the soul of man with the passage of generations. Renewal and Revolution seem Right to me, but then I'm a cantankerous old coot, eccentric as all get-out. I'm like a loner, a hermit. I look at the domestic citizenry and I don't see what I'm looking for in their cities, in their routines, their mores and morays. I prefer lonely mountains and high-country rivers and forests, and the similar souls one might meet in such places. I don't expect other people to be this way in their lives, and would prefer that they do just as they seem to do already; but it would be very cool and nice if their government would simply ignore us few eccentric sovereignists and sorta just let us have the northwest corner of the nation in peace, without Federal intervention upon our lands. Guess that would be askin' a bit much, in Fedgov's estimation, ya think? :)
Zoot: That comes through wealth, and with that wealth comes a willingness to comply in order to retain that wealth. (which I suspect you know a bit about, which binds one to existing conditions, location, and system)
How many millionaires and billionaires want to be free of the system that allowed or in some cases even helped them make those millions or billions?
Elias: I think that a wealthy person who also has wisdom can take full advantage of his wealth and use it as a tool for his own liberty. I further think that a wealthy person has every right and access to happiness, and that if any wealthy person simply wants happiness and freedom,  all he has to do is recognize the difference between wealth and power. Wealth has purchase power, as we all know. But wealth also has other powers which are not touted candidly, yet still are observable by anyone looking for those powers. Wealth, in the hands of the spiritually unenlightened, can become a "symbol of the shackles by which one is bound". It can just as easily become an avenue for one's liberty. But again I note that wealth is only beneficial to liberty when it is not allowed to deteriorate into power. The Fed is not about large amounts of money; it is about power, as G. Edward Griffin so nicely has declared.
Zoot: We'll see where this post goes, as there's much more than what meets the eye here......much more indeed......
Elias: There are things on this topic which, while they're precocial, may also be precocious. As the 'Bug says, "nuf said".
"Heirs to self-knowledge shed gently their fears..."


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« Reply #46 on: March 09, 2004, 05:35:50 pm »

Elias pondered
I think that a wealthy person who also has wisdom can take full advantage of his wealth and use it as a tool for his own liberty.

Witness one John Hancock who was probably the wealthiest person on the north Vespucciland continent in the late 18th century. He veritably liquidated his entire estate in order to fight for his and his friends' liberty.
The Mayor is the Problem
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Dear Government
You are a ass shit.

A note from my younger son when he was 3.

When rights are outlawed, only outlaws will have rights. - Me

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« Reply #47 on: March 09, 2004, 11:58:44 pm »


Given this what would have happened if perchance Mr Hancock would have decided that he could have bought his own personal sense of freedom(bribing the PTB) with his wealth instead of using it to finance a revolution?
And how many would use their wealth to finance a revolution today?
Even some cowboy and indian outlaws in the 1800's eventually stopped sleeping under buffalo skins, and came to town to entertain paying customers. For some I imagine the bruising of their ego never healed.

We all have some scar tissue that never lets us completely forget the intent of the adventure.
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