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Author Topic: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?  (Read 18575 times)

Arizona Ranger

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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #15 on: September 15, 2005, 01:56:25 pm »

Also picked this up off another website ! :mellow:

Where Hitchhikers Hitch
Hitchhiking by travel backpackers is relatively common in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Most veteran hitchhikers consider the U.S. one of the worst countries for hitching, except for Alaska and Hawaii where it's excellent. I will add that rural Texas is obliging--they always think your truck is broke down.

The north of England, Scotland, and Wales are very good. In Poland the first car or horse-drawn cart that can stop usually stops, and the hospitality is usually great.

While hitchhikers raise about as much compassion in France and Spain as the average telephone pole, your odds of getting a lift are still much better than the average telephone pole. (Now those guys...) I must give an extra star to France, however, since it's the one country where women drivers would regularly pick me up.

Hitchhikers quickly cover vast distances in Germany once they get to service centers on the autobahn. The trick is getting there in the first place. Hitchhiking in Italy, while exciting, is dangerous since about one Italian driver in five is actively seeking a meeting with God.

While few Japanese hitchhike in Japan, many westerners do because of the high cost of transport. Japanese stop right away because they think something must be wrong. New Zealand is nearly crawling with German and English hitchhikers, with a few Maoris sprinkled in to keep it interesting. Australia is good, but the distances are so vast you might end up with the same ride for days. Truckers are your best bet there.

The trouble with Ireland is--and all serious hitchhikers agree--it's too feckin' easy!

Note to Women Hitchhikers
Women must be aware solo hitchhiking is the least safe of all options. Yes, mostly you can get away with it, but odds for trouble skyrocket. A whole new subset of drivers will stop for solo women who usually whiz on by a man, a man and a woman, or two women. These include ax murderers, rapists, robbers, and general sleazeballs. (To be fair, some female drivers only stop for female hitchhikers.)

I have seen this subset while hitching with women and sitting out of sight. Cars screech to a halt or circle around, leering, toothless drivers checking the scene. They zoom on after catching sight of me, dreams of easy sex thwarted. Of course, the greatest threat to hitchhikers is the driver who looks like any other, but has evil or stupidity at his core.

My Irish friend Maureen had some experience hitchhiking in Ireland, where she considered it safe. Traveling on the continent for the first time, she didn't want to be constrained by "sexist" thinking about hitchhiking, so she occasionally thumbed a ride.

On her last solo ride in Poland she climbed into a van with a group of other hitchhikers, thinking she would be safe with them. Gradually the others were dropped off until only she remained. The driver turned off the highway onto a back road. Night was falling, and she had an uneasy feeling. Then he pulled over, nothing but forest around for a long way. He began looking at her significantly and motioning to the back of the van. Panicking, and thinking how stupid she was for being there, she grabbed her pack and tried to get out. The driver also grabbed the pack but said no, it was okay. He restarted the van and they went on without further event.

Maureen considers herself lucky, and says she will never again hitchhike alone. She wanted to make clear, however, that her solo journey around Europe, and especially Poland, was one of the best experiences of her life.

Also staying at Hostel in the US and Overseas isn't just for the under 21 crowd anymore. Many people I know have signed up for to take advantage of the great rates and accessibility to certain attractions. Of course they're not the Ritz Carlton or the Royal York but you sometimes hang out with a great bunch of people from all over the globe ! If you stay in the UK , you'll meet a lot of kewl people from Germany who know how to PARTY !!!!  :occasion14:

Arizona Ranger

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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #16 on: September 21, 2005, 11:52:01 am »

Here's another tip when going overseas....

Instead of riding on the Air Conditioned Cattle Cars they call a Tour Bus, why not negotiate with one of the Local Cabbies to take you around since they know where all the great tourist spots, eateries, and shops are....

My Dad did that when he travelled to Italy and Poland and had the time of his life....

Also when overseas, being an American tends to be a tad hazardous ever since our Iraq excursion so here's some ways to avoid being harassed as an "Ugly American"

- Make friends with EVERYONE !!!  :thumbsup:

- Respect the populace, their language, customs, and easy going ways. It would'nt hurt to remember expressions like THANK YOU, PLEASE, I'M SORRY, and I'M LOST, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ?

- If invited for Lunch/Dinner at a Foreign Persons home, do not stuff yourself like a Pig since what they place in front of you may be their entire food for the week...

- TRY to learn the language

- Avoid Political and Religious Subjects especially in a Bar or Pub !

- Never throw your money around like a drunken sailor

- Ask Permission before taking photos of Religious Areas, Shrines, and Historical Areas...

- Be good to the local children, Women Folk, and the Elderly ...


Check out some great out of the places like Goa or Madras, India which are leftover Hippie Colonies in India or Katmandu in Nepal....

Also check out renting a Car or Van in your area...

Get your Dental Work done BEFORE going overseas ! :nono:

Make sure your Prescription Drug Sheet is up to date and in the language of the Nation you are going to so you wont do an reeanactment of MIDNIGHT EXPRESS... :rolleyes:

And as for Narcotics...DON'T BRING THEM, BUY THEM OR SELL THEM especially in Turkey, Malaya, Indonesia, and Mexico ! :angry:

Also this is very helpful !
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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2006, 04:55:10 pm »

Lindsay Books, sells a book that tells you how to make a small (6 gallon) still and how to make ethanol. be kind of a pain in the ass to fill up, say, my motorhome like that, but hey, if'n it'll get me out of paying $2.50 or more for gas, i'm game.


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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #18 on: September 04, 2006, 12:12:36 am »

I found this site VERY interesting for flying:


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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #19 on: September 12, 2006, 02:07:31 pm »


   I agree Hubby rides his Harley most days or gets cranky. I tag along on trips often on my Honda Rebel.
We enjoyed traveling this way before the gas prices rose, now we love it.

  Be careful guys about going out of the country right now with tramp ships .

  You may find yourself not being able to get back in.

They will harrass a American traveling in a non conformist way far quicker than they would

 a terroist looking type.


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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #20 on: September 24, 2006, 08:02:25 pm »

I'm lucky and can fly in, out of, and through, Canada without much hassle and getting across the boarder isn't THAT bad though in 2007 or so, the Passports will be needed.  I'd be very,very concerned with the police or some snitchy traveller or TRUCKER(see your homeland security pamphlets) saying someone by the side of the road is "suspicious."  At that point in time be prepared to be strip searched, well, at least put through hell.  Used to be(so my parents said) you could get most anywhere with a thumb out to the freeway(please no jokes about this :) ), a few bucks for fare, or a car.  I'm not so sure now that I've grown up and experienced first hand a trip across the country and ending up missing by a day, my destination by some over-zealous cops since 2001.  By the way, nothing came of any of it, just our bags out on the shoulder of the road.



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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #21 on: May 09, 2007, 01:06:43 am »

 I used to pick up hitchhikers sometimes, despite getting very bad vibes from the first one I ever picked up 32 years ago, and other bad experiences (like they smelled rea bad, or promptly threw up in the car, or spilled something). The last time was in early January of 1996, and that was just because there'd been a blizzard the day before.

 I don't feel like I'm as good of a person as I was back when I was more generous with rides and money, but unfortunately I have to look out for Number One more these days.


da gooch

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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #22 on: May 09, 2007, 11:56:22 am »

Ah Yes hitchhiking ....

See this thumb ?
{holds up thumb for inspection ...}

OVER 10,000 miles on it and the tread is like new ....
No...  Really.

Let's see ...
Omaha to Florida
Florida to California via Oklahoma
Florida to California straight through
Florida to Toronto
[lived there for 4 months and then ...]
Toronto to California
Boston to Omaha to California
Miami, FL to Panama City, FL
Fort Lauderdale to Panama City
Short trips too numerous to count within California and Florida

That's the most of them. Did I mention that most of them were done in "Hippie Gear" ?
Hand-me-down clothes [still my preference] full beard w/mustache and long hair. Back pack and sleeping roll. After 1970 a Weimareinner (sp?) dog and for a while with a wife, dog and cat. [Fl to Toronto, Toronto to CA]
REALLY.  [He raises his open palm to the sky and looks you directly in the eye...]
Some "Interesting" happenstances ...
I had a full beer can miss my head by inches in Colorado once.  The Cowboy must have had one too many cause I couldn't catch it in time to save it from bursting all over the ground. Alcohol abuse ?
I also had an older guy [I was twenties he was my age now ... ahem ] drunk "as a Lord" waving a .32 under my nose explaining how HE wasn't afraid of any hitchhikers, etc. It's amazing but "My Stop" was only right down the road. {next stop sign in fact}
Did you ever notice how ammo looks BIGGER from the other end of a firearm ?

Tips ?
Hitching on land;
Travel in pairs [MOST Important for women ESPECIALLY fit attractive women] and carry a sign. When you carry a sign make it readable. LARGE letters short message. WEST I 90 is sufficient. The letters NEED to be at least 6 inches tall. [Just for giggles stop and measure the letters on the average highway sign sometime. And they are sometimes hard to read so ....]
Water supply, space blanket, sleeping bag, food stuffs, think similar to a B O B without the tupperware.
Hitching on a boat;
Most applies except the sign part. In this case it will be word of mouth, referral or note on a message board.
Hitching by air;
I have only had the pleasure once and that was a referral by a friend to her family member. A truly Nifty way to travel.

For all of the above Bring as much "cash" as you can safely stash amongst your possessions.
"Paying one's own way" has not gone out of style nor, I figure, is it likely to any time soon.

I cannot be much help with Foreign countries. The only times I have been in foreign countries I was there courtesy of Unkle Zam  or I was the Captain of a vessel entering their country to provide a sailing experience and not really "traveling".

All of the stuff Arizona Ranger brought up seems good to me and most of it I can attest to as well.

Fare  Well  IF you travel.

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Re: Alternative Travel Tips : Any Suggestions ?
« Reply #23 on: May 13, 2016, 03:50:17 am »

Walking, you dont have to worry about upsetting drivers that way.
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