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Author Topic: PS System manipulates the Bill of RIghts  (Read 2167 times)


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PS System manipulates the Bill of RIghts
« on: December 20, 2005, 02:03:18 pm »
The Victims of the Public School System Guide to the Bill of Rights

In the author's opinion, the American public school system is suppressing the preamble and the original intent of the Amendments because government wants it that way. If government wanted students properly educated on the Bill of Rights, then it would insist that the civics curriculum incorporate this information into classes and textbooks.

The bottom line is the original intent of the Amendments is a threat to the federal government's power. By advancing the myth that the Bill of Rights creates or grants constitutional rights, the federal government has been able assume the role of "protector" of those rights. This has allowed it to transform a denial of power into a grant of power.

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