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Author Topic: Boston's letter to Free Staters  (Read 9355 times)

Boston T. Party

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Re: Boston's letter to Free Staters
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2006, 09:47:50 pm »

I found it very interesting to reread my 11/2003 letter two years later.

Concentration of force is a maxim which cannot be ignored.

The invasion of WW2 Europe took place across a few miles of beachfront,
not the entire seaboard from Spain to Norway. 

The 100 some-odd FSP relocators who have dribbled in across NH could
have made a large difference already in any one of several Wyoming counties.

Concentration of force is leverage.  We need to employ leverage because
we cannot "lift" the weight of any state without it.  That is why I formed
the FSW and its county strategy.  It maximizes the free state movement's
very small resources.  It was scientific at heart, vs. personal.

It also well took into account human nature, i.e., the inevitably large percentage
of signers who never would actually move as promised. 

In short, I thought we hadn't the luxury of imagining success in a state as
populous as NH's 1,300,000.  Well, have I been proven wrong two years later?

Heck, the FSP would have been lucky to take even Wyoming had they chosen it.
But at least they'd have had an actual chance there.

Meanwhile, the FSW will carry on.


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