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Author Topic: In the News  (Read 2766 times)


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In the News
« on: April 03, 2006, 09:45:09 pm »

Do Not Give In to Evil

by Manuel Lora

"Personally, I feel that efforts to try to control the central government are a waste of resources. The empire is already too large and the chains were broken a long time ago. What could be done instead? ELF: Educate, Localize, Fortify. An interesting example of my ELF suggestion is the Free State Project where liberty-minded folks are moving to one location and are using both political and non-political means to achieve change by creating an environment of freedom which would allow them to better resist the future growth of their state."

Roy J. Tellason

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Re: In the News
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2006, 09:48:28 pm »

Ah yes...

As any "Freedomista, anarcho-capitalist, Austrian economist, gun nut, Federal Reserve conspiracy-theorist, gold bug, secessionist, political monkeywrencher, dope-smoking marijuana-reform activist, civil libertarian or other amateur or professional contrarian possessed of even the most rudimentary understanding of his beliefs will tell you: the fundamental human right is the right to be left alone."

Works for me!  Or at least that's what I'm trying for...
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