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Author Topic: Extremist Group Attacks Montana Gun Rights  (Read 4507 times)

Basil Fishbone

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Extremist Group Attacks Montana Gun Rights
« on: March 19, 2004, 01:44:36 am »

MT: Montana Group: 'Gun Rights' an Extremist Political Tool
Submitted by: Anonymous  There are 5 comments on this story
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"The Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) has been keeping watch on right-wing extremist groups in Big Sky Country since its inception in 1990. Over that time, they've had ample opportunity to examine the relationships between groups that call themselves 'gun rights' organizations and those of broader and more controversial bents, like the Militia of Montana."

"Ken Toole, MHRN's program director, says that as time went on, he and his colleagues noticed a strong relationship between gun-rights groups like the Montana Shooting Sports Association and broader-interest hate groups. And then, he says, they noticed something else: The same people who attended the militia meetings to talk about the need for an armed citizenry also came to school-board meetings to talk about the need for a creationist science curriculum. They were the same people who came to land-use meetings to argue for local control, and for their right to bring snowmobiles into Yellowstone Park."

"Toole says that MHRN began to notice the critical importance that 'gun rights' advocates played in a much broader scope. 'Gun rights' is just one piece of it,' he says, 'but it is the most politically inoculated piece, and I think that's why Montana has drifted so dramatically to the right.' " ...,569928,00.html

"Translation: We don't like gun rights groups, so we will spew any kind of misleading information possible to lump them in with hate groups and extremists."

Comment by: (3/19/2004)  
The Montana Human Rights Network is in cahoots with the ADL / Southern Poverty Law Center and espouses the same kind of scurrilous socialist politically correct anti-constitutional hate doctrines.

The Directors, Ken Toole and Christine Kaufman were elected to the legislature from the State Capitol, Helena.

Any influence they have in Montana is too much. It would be exceedingly sweet if we could get enough pro-freedom migrants to move to Montana to swing all existing liberal districts to support pro-freedom candidates.

Algernon Spooner

Elias Alias

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Extremist Group Attacks Montana Gun Rights
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2004, 04:19:59 am »

Yo Brother Fishbone,

Thanks for posting that one here. It's always nice to know what kind of psy-ops the Statists have up their sleeves. Ya reckon Brother Marbut has seen this arty?

I'm thinking about writing that MHRN group and asking 'em to be sure next time to include TMM in with MoM and MSSA. Dang, I feel kinda left-out! Mebbe I'm just not being *active* enough to have caught their attention..... I'll get busier, fer sure!

One small irony to share with you:  Just before I found your post here tonight, I chanced to be watching a documentary on Marxism's style of "political correctness"  a la "The Frankfort School", in which academic and intellectualized social-consciousness manipulation was discussed. This MHRN group strikes me as being well-versed in the arts of Govlish.

And btw: haven't checked mails tonight, but regarding our notions about getting out to WC this weekend, that idea has been put aside by new circumstances, involving my visit with a cop today, which didn't get me arrested but did alter my thinking about driving for a few days, and which I'll explain to ye next time we visit. Hows about your dropping by one evening this week for a viewing of a new film?

"Heirs to self-knowledge shed gently their fears..."


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Extremist Group Attacks Montana Gun Rights
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2004, 06:24:30 am »

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