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Welcome to Wolfekipedia!

This is a place for members of the Mental Militia Forums (formerly Claire Files) to organize information of a more permanent nature than makes sense in a forum.

You must register to change anything. If you want other people and the wiki software to be able to send you email, you need to verify your email on your preferences page.

Registrations are currently disabled. If you want to get an account, post a request, including your desired username, in the "Wolfekipedia Registration" topic in the "Bulletin Board" at https://thementalmilitia.com/forums/ (you'll get a warning from your browser about our free SSL certificate).

The MediaWiki User's Guide is a good source of HOWTO information about the wiki software, especially the section For editors, which documents the format of text you type to create pages. There's a short tutorial available from the Editing help link at the bottom of each editing page. Use the Sandbox to learn about editing pages.

Wiki culture has been largely anarchist since Ward Cunningham created WikiWikiWeb back in 1995. Every page can be edited by anybody (or, here, by any registered user). Order is maintained by community norms and voluntary cooperation.


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